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fresh and steez

it was dope and chill af. Lemme get a mystery box

Senses deal
Derek Hendrickson

Senses deal

Senses deal
Tyler Powell
First cereal order ever

Probably the best customer service I've ever had. Not only did they reach out to me on Facebook on the kendama group, they also let me order the new drop a few days early. I received my damas from across the world in about 4 days and haven't touched another shape since. Awesome company , will order again!


I couldn’t be more stoked with my purchase, ended up with 4 setups total all 4 of em had spliced kens, 2 of them were from the drop that just happened an one was the hybrid with the 2 big cups wasn’t as stoked for that one but it’ll go with my novelty setup collection I got going. Great little bundle though will definitely purchase again!

4.1 Purple - Hybrid 4.1 Shape
Joshua Roux
Great Fun

Really great fun and a great concept. Just mine has a 13 gram weight differents between tama and Ken, which for me has really affected the play. If you have any 80 gram tamas knocking about that you want to fire over that would be amazing.



Great products and customer service!

COTY 2023 - Ascent Shape

Was a little baffled with all the new shapes there are now compared to when I first became aware of kendama and im happy that I went with the cereal ascent. Stall points are excellent, cups are huge, the bevel is just right and it is insanely playable with a nice spliced ken to boot.

Ascent is killer!

Great Ken love the big cup sizes

Dama deal

One of my top 3 shapes I enjoy (Hybrid-2); the shipping upgrade had it to me sooner than what regular shipping would be! And I mean a lot faster. Thank you again for reaching out and doing all you do!

Ticen Abdul-Majid
valid i suppose

Got 4 kendamas and two of which have balanced cups for “April Fools Day” or some odd reason and I don’t think that’s cool. those kens literally don’t function the same as traditional kendamas.


Beautiful design super happy with the quality. I would order up one size from normal as a recommendation

KWC 2023 - Hybrid 2 Shape
Rob Sterling
KWC 2023 hybrid 2

I have been wanting to try the hybrid 2 for a while, and I just couldn’t wait until kendama depot restocked them. I grabbed one of these in sticky paint the day they dropped and couldn’t be happier. Amazing shape!

COTY 2023 - Ascent Shape
David de Jesus
First cereal

Ascent Shape is awesome. Perfect for getting me back into the hobby

great ken, great customer service!

the ascent is my favorite shape and it's amazing in maple. they also gave me a free tama with my purchase of two maple kens. despite it being international, the shipping was still pretty fast. 5 out of 5 stars!

Rubberwood Ken Only - Ascent Shape
Joseph medina
fave ken shape slings.loons.flipps

Cereal GVNG!!

Dama deal
Newfie Dave
Dama perfection

The quality of product is second to none. Highly recommended and I will definitely purchase again. Much love ❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸💚

Senses deal
Melvin Sanchez
The best shape

Shape feels so nice in the hand , perfect for any type of kendama player beginner or pro shape is just so good and honed

Jon's Free Preloved Dama
Benjamin Rotherham
Awesome deal for new players!

I bought 3 of jons damas because my roomate is getting into kendama and landed his first lunar. The deal was too good to pass on and while the first two were old shapes (which I was expecting) the 3rd was a b grade gucci tama fresh, and a maple NLK sapper! He loves it and is hitting all kinds of new tricks. You guys are the best out there! Always manage to go above and beyond!

Dama deal
Josh Whitney
Ash Ascent Ken is amazing!

The ascent shape is incredible all around. And the Ash wood makes it even better for stalls. So happy with my purchase!

Senses deal
Christopher Albans
[2 Ken Deal]

Great items. Superb quality. Really like the laser engravings on the Kens. Thanks for the cool Tama as well.

Rubberwood Ken Only - Ascent Shape
Thomas Smith

amazing shape, shipped quickly, and great customer service. only issue is that it cracked a little bit on the big cup after my third or fourth time playing it, next time i'd probably order any wood type but rubberwood, it's not very durable. 5 stars if it wasn't for the cracking!

Even nicer in person

The Ken is off the charts stunning. Highly recommend. Much love ❤️🇨🇦💚

My New Go To Shape

This is my new favorite shape. I haven't been able to put the ascent down since I got it.

KWC 2023 - Hybrid 2 Shape
Jonathan Caryer
best shape out

no other words - just an amazing kendama

FFC X Cereal Ken Only - Hybrid 2 Shape
Alon Kosoi
helping a lot 🙏🏼

Hybrid 2 best