What our customers say - Cereal Kendama Reviews (over 200+!)

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Best mods

I have been working my way through all the various kendama companies and cereal ranks above all else my clear number 1 go to keep it up 👍

12/10 Lunar Honed

This thing is a beast! Gotta say this is my favorite Ken shape so far! Can’t wait to see some spliced action!

The Rubberwood Ascent is 12/10 ✨

The Rubberwood Ascent is 12/10 ✨Makes lunars dang near impossible to miss! Don’t sleep on this shape! 💪🏼💪🏼

LEGAXIS - JAPAN - 2022 shape

I have loved all my Cereal Ken’s and Tama’s. There is something special about this Gloken Legaxis. Balance is nice and is super easy to track.

$100 Mystery box review

4 out of 5 only because shipping was more than half the cost of the mystery box. All the kendamas that came in the box I’m more than happy with. Great purchase.

BMW Ken Only - Ascent Shape

The ascent shape is as great as is sounds.. the elevate and performer WERE my favorite shapes this ascent is all around great

Dome Deals
Jason Dill
Awesome job :)

Everything came quick and well packaged loved the stickers

Jon's Free Preloved Dama

Black Friday Spliced Ken Bundle
Muhammad Faris H

Black Friday Spliced Ken Bundle

Birch Rosewood Ken Only - Ascent Shape
Yoshinobu Abe
Good shape

Ascent shape is good shape at gunslinger, stall point, lunar balance and so on.

Birch has just the right amount of hardness and is suitable for balance tricks.

Ash Special Ken Only - Hybrid 2 Shape

Maple Rosewood Cherry Ken Only - Ascent Shape
Maple Rosewood Cherry Ken Only - Ascent Shape

Best shape in the game right now! And this one is even more beautiful in person!

My favourite kendama

I just love the hybrid 2 shape, it’s to fun to play with , totally satisfied with the purchase.

Pie Mod v2 - Hybrid 2 Shape

Superb shape!

This shape is phenomenal! I can’t imagine anything’s that would play better than this. Haha! Birds lands like magic. And this shape is lunar honed. Can’t say anything else but praise. Thank you!


Had to give it 5 more stars. I'm serious a full 10/10 from me. I didn't even mention the 3 different Kendama Bags that also came with this box! Money well spent😀

Purple Hart and Ash... Need say more?

First time trying this shape! it has immediately been my main since coming in the mail.

Hybrid ken has become top of my list for kens to play

I love the shape! It's been great for just about everything. Now I just need a performer and an ascent mod.


We had a great time opening our mystery box and the anticipation was exciting! We enjoyed the kendamas and items inside... Thanks Cereal!


Great quality at an incredible bargain. This is my second mystery box and it’s just as good as the first, this one gave me my favorite kendama I’ve used so far.


Mix of Old and New, Absolute Fire

I got like three shapes, some 'damas across a spread of release phases, and they even hooked me up with an Elevate X Bamboo complete! Second order from Cereal and not the last. Slaps every time, got a long-haul customer here for sure ☻☻☻™

Above and beyond

Couldn’t be more happy and impressed. Beautiful mix of woods, shapes and paint. Can’t wait to order more. Much love from Newfoundland ❤️🇨🇦💚

The best of the best so forget the rest

I can’t believe what I received on my mystery box, it’s no mystery why these guys are top dogs in the game and if you don’t get your hands on some of these your sleeping, these slap like no other damas I have ever played. It was so easy to ship and the guys where fast to answer any questions. Please support these guys so we have them for years to come. Thank you so much cereal , you made our dispensary beyond happy 😃 love love love

Mystery 2 Pack
Roan Brown
Better than imagined

Yall didn't send me anything that particularly stood out to me. However I was able to gift them to people who felt they were special and loved them. That means alot in its self. I do acknowledge your skill and I still love the brand. I also got to sample paints, which was a bonus And will probably buy something specific rather than mystery in the future.