*NEW* Performer Shape Release

*NEW* Performer Shape Release

November 2019 was a turning point for Cereal Kendama the new CREAL 1.5 shape was released. For the first time, it truly felt like we had a shape designed for modern play.

Since then, we have gone to produce over 20 designs and collabs with the CREAL 1.5 shape.

In that process, we began to think of all the improvements that could be made to CREAL 1.5, changes that would improve the playing experience for all types of players.

Out of that comes Performer, a shape designed to optimize performance for any player, new or old. A shape that we ourselves enjoy jamming. In this post, we will go through all the details of the performer shape so you can make a comparison!

Performer vs CREAL 1.5

From a distance, the Performer bears a very similar structure to the CREAL 1.5. The sarado is longer to fit larger hands and improve lunar balance and the sword is of a medium thickness. Up close, however, the Performer has made significant improvements to the base cup, stall ridges and spike.

Up Close

  • Longer ridges to improve your stalls
  • Longer sarado to increase lunar weight
  • Slightly thicker sarado to proportionately match increase in length
  • Sharper spike just cause we like how it looks

Up Close

  • Larger base cup for more lighthouse contact
  • Significantly more defined handlestall and ringstall ridges to improve play
  • Balance hole improvements up next

Balance Hole

With a larger base cup, there was naturally more weight shifted to the base of the kendama. This would negatively affect the lunar balance. 

To tackle this, we have replaced the CREAL 1.5 balance hole with the Crater, a similar hole used on the Elevate shape.

Performer vs Elevate

Are they similar?

Not at all. When we created the Elevate shape, it was design to be a taller and overall bigger shape. With the height nearly maximizing the KWC standard and using a 62mm tama, the Performer and Elevate are still significantly different. We plan to continue both shapes.

Key Difference: Boxy Sarado

Other than being taller, the Elevate was designed to have a boxier sarado, allowing us to create longer stall points while keeping to the 75mm maximum width for a KWC friendly sarado.

Other Differences: Height, cup sizes, sword thickness, tama pairing

Ready to Cop?

Performer is first released on the Buddy Mods - click the images below to view the product today!

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