Bevel Max (Introduced in 2022)

In March 2020, we announced the "Final Bevel" - what we thought would be our last attempt at designing a bevel that paired perfectly with our kens.

The reality is, things change and gameplay evolves. With the increasing size of stall points and sarados, our bevel was no longer providing the optimal play for the modern day shape.

We were observant of this, but also monitored the competition ruling (KWC & NAKO) in order to decide what our bevel should change to. After noticing no difference in the ruling, we decided to create Bevel Max, 23.5mm in line with the largest bevel allowed for competition.

Beyond that, we also spent time to ensure that the gradient and inner bevel were carefully calculated so that kens would have a good grip for j-stick and earth turn releases.

This new bevel has survived our testing, and will now be in all future Cereal Kendamas. Starting with the Ascent.

Until Gloken changes their ruling, much love
Cereal Kendama

cereal kendama bevel max
Older Post: The Final Bevel
Bevels are highly underrated.
Traditionally bevels have been narrow and tight in order to capture a clean spike. Over time however, companies have developed wider bevels and improved minor aspects such as the gradient in order to improve play.
One of the best bevels we’ve tried so far is the OG Homegrown one by Sweets Kendamas. We felt that when paired with the HG ken, it was perfect - but couldn’t figure out why.
So we tried designing our own. Our first hypothesis: wide and steep, when it breaks it great for stalls. This resulted in the bevel used in Gram and WiFi, amazing for stalls. But we had one problem. 
Because of the steepness of the bevel slope, earth turns lacked control and j-sticks fell out with our ken. We then decided to decrease the slope and tighten the inner bevel slightly.
Keeping the outer bevel width would mean that contact area for stalls stayed great. 
This led to the Area 51 Mod bevel. Nice and tight to prevent j-sticks from falling out but not steep enough and as a result, earths and j-sticks were harder to launch. When breaking in, the bevel also flattened out. Thankfully we used Ash as the tama so it would take longer to break in.
During this time, I started testing our Gram bevel with other kens and realised something - it wasn’t about how wide, steep or narrow your bevel was. It all depended on the thickness of the spike IN RELATION to the bevel. 
Introducing The Final Bevel. 
This bevel is design to fit our new CREAL 1.5 shape, keeping the outer and inner bevel width of the Gram/WIFI while finding a slope that is inbetween that and the Area 51 Mod.
With The Final Bevel, you get much more control when pairing with our kens, and better control all around when pairing with the other standard shaped modern day kens - Boost, Kaizen Shift and Krom Slaydawg 2.
Have a look at the bevel and shop the new Cereal Kendamas here. All new Cereal Kendamas will come with The Final Bevel, until we write a spinoff.