Ascent 2 Has Arrived

Ascent 2 Has Arrived

Introducing Ascent 2 - small changes, big impact.
Ascent 2 vs Ascent - Cereal Kendama

Ascent was released in late 2022 as an upgrade to the Elevate shape, taking feedback from customers about which areas to improve upon while keeping within competition standard.

Little did we know that in KWC 2023, the 75mm sarado length limit was removed - with the only ken limit being the 170mm sword height.


Ascent 2 - New Sarado

This opened doors for us to try new things with our "taller shape" with the "standard shape" being the Hybrid-2.

First and foremost - improving gunslingers through a small-cup sling support. We've always felt this was necessary, but could not achieve it with the sarado length limitation as it would create a weird gap between tama and sarado that did not fit our aesthetic style.

Ascent 2 - Small Cup Gunslinger Support

With the longer sarado, we've also scaled the cups accordingly (slightly bigger) which then makes it friendly for folks with larger hands to hold our ken. Overall contact with the tama increases as well - making for some sick lunar play.


Ascent 2 - Larger Cups

But this isn't all about the sarado. We've improved the ringstall to have a more gentle shape. This creates 4 touchpoints with the tama bevel, allowing for more contact and therefore making it easier to land ringstalls.


Ascent 2 - Ringstall

Finally, with kenflips being part of the modern play, we've scaled up the base cup and the base cup hole in order to ensure that the ken is (1) easy to hold (2) has great contact for lighthouses and (3) is not compromised on lunar play.


Ascent 2 - Base Cup

A small batch of Ascent 2 titled "RUN ONE" will launch on 27th October on our website. The main purpose is to let players try our new shape and therefore it will be bundled with a splice ken at an overall discounted price.

A full Ascent 2 batch will drop in late 2023 or early 2024.


Ascent 2 - Maple Pack

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