Kendama Tama Size Library

Buying a kendama can be confusing with the huge amount of brands out there. Any chance we can take to provide more information to a kendama player, we'll grab it. Before writing this, I saw a number of questions being asked on Facebook Kendama Community about tama sizes of different brands. So here goes, a list to my best ability based on tamas played and collected.

They are sorted in alphabetical order, but I suggest using a search function as they may not always update in order over time.

Did I miss something or get it wrong? Drop me an email at

Kendama Brand Tama Size
Active V3 60mm
Active V4 Elite 60mm
Active Shinaji 61.5mm
Analog Squab 61mm
Analog C Shape 62mm
Artemis Kendamas 62mm
Cereal Kendama - CREAL 1.5 61mm
Cereal Kendama - Elevate'21 62mm
Cereal Kendama - Hybrid 62mm
Cereal Kendama - Performer 61mm
Dama On 61mm
daO 60mm
DWI V2 60mm
DWI V3 61mm
Evo Customs 62mm
Gloken Legaxis 60mm
Gloken Legaxis ZOOM 61.5mm
Grain Theory E-1/JW/NS-1 60mm
Grain Theory NS-2/TC 60mm
Grain Theory GT-2/AE 61mm
Grain Theory BH/BH-2/KA/TF 62mm
JAC Kendama 60mm
Kaizen Shift/Slim 61mm
Kaizen 2.0 60mm
Kendama Isreal (regular) 60mm
Kendama Isreal Big Brother 62mm
Kendama USA Craft 60mm
Kendama USA Craft+ 62-63mm
Kendama USA Nova 62mm
Krom AK Shape 60mm
Krom CK Shape 60/61mm
Krom DJ Pro Mods

60mm - Dwesty, Fish, Bonz

62mm - Iji, Rolf

Krom Headshot Mod 62mm
Krom Pop 60mm
Krom Slaydawg 62mm
Krom 9Y 60mm
Lotus 61mm
Mugen Musou 60mm
Nativ 62mm
No Jumper Kendamas 61mm
Ozora (traditional) 60mm
Ozora (ReShape) 61mm
Quill Kestrel/Hawk/Eagle 61mm
Sol 62mm
Sweets Boost 61mm
Sweets Prime 60mm
Terra Prefect 62-63mm
Terra Pro Mods 62mm
Yumu (racing, superpaint) 60mm
Yumu Eclipse 62mm