Hybrid-2 Has Arrived - New Cereal Kendama 2022 Shape

Hybrid-2 Has Arrived - New Cereal Kendama 2022 Shape

Today, we are excited to officially announce the launch of Hybrid-2, our new shape that will take centerstage in 2022.

I want to first start with the thank you. With your support, we were able to make Performer one of the most popular non-big brand shapes out there.

In that process we have also made it a point to take your feedback on both objective and subjective improvements

While there is no perfect shape, our goal is to make Kendamas for Everyone and thus Hybrid-2 will combine our favourite things about the Performer and Elevate, with some small upgrades.

Let's get started:

hybrid 2 shape cereal kendama

Hybrid-2 focuses on the secondary elements of a kendama - stalls, sarado thickness and spike definition. 

We have changed these elements significantly from any of our other shapes in order to give it a unique look and feel when playing.

Performer vs Hybrid-2

cereal kendama performer vs hybrid 2

What’s similar:

  • Cup sizes
  • Sword height
  • Crater base cup hole

What’s different:

  • Longer bird/gale/handlestall ridges on Hybrid-2
  • Less sharp spike on Hybrid-2
  • Thicker sarado on Hybrid-2

Hybrid-2 vs Elevate

What’s similar:

  • Sarado thickness
  • Bird ridge
  • Crater base cup hole

What’s different:

  • Longer Gale/handlestall ridges on Hybrid-2
  • Wider ringstall on Hybrid-2
  • Hybrid-2 is shorter (16.4 vs 16.9cm)

Stall Differently

With different dimensions on each ridge, you will be able to land stall tricks that may be harder on other kendamas (even Cereals).

In particular, this shape should be optimised for underbirds and the inverted axe you see above.

Hybrid-2 Roadmap

Shop our latest Hybrid-2 drop here:



What, if any, are the differences between the Piemod hybrid shape and the hybrid 2?


Hi! I was wondering if I could buy the hybrid 2 Ken from your website, I couldn’t see any payment button


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