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Congrats on choosing our popular kendama mystery box!

In this box you will get a guaranteed:
- 1 Cereal Splice Ken
- 3-4.5 Kendamas

This box can also include some b grade and/or prototype Kendamas with visual imperfections that should not affect play.  

Please note prices listed here are in SGD. 1 SGD = 0.74 USD.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
josh kressierer
great bundle

for the price this is a no brainer. good choice package for trying out the brand for the first time!

Kendama Joe
Would recommend 100%

I will buy the mystery box again in the future! I received 4 spliced kens with damas. I will say that none were weight matched very well and that the Elevate ken (which is absolutely beautiful) is too light for me to get used to. In the end, with some mixing and matching, I was able to have a really nice balanced Hybrid 2 for myself, gift the other two to some friends, and have the Elevate ken as an eye catcher in the collection.

James Albers

I couldn’t be more stoked with my purchase, ended up with 4 setups total all 4 of em had spliced kens, 2 of them were from the drop that just happened an one was the hybrid with the 2 big cups wasn’t as stoked for that one but it’ll go with my novelty setup collection I got going. Great little bundle though will definitely purchase again!

Brett Chastain
$100 Mystery box review

4 out of 5 only because shipping was more than half the cost of the mystery box. All the kendamas that came in the box I’m more than happy with. Great purchase.

Kody McDonagh

Had to give it 5 more stars. I'm serious a full 10/10 from me. I didn't even mention the 3 different Kendama Bags that also came with this box! Money well spent😀