Elevate'21 Shape [Updated in 2021]

Updated in 2021

We are excited to announce that all future Elevate shaped kendamas from us will come in the Elevate'21 variant. This is a 2021 update for the Elevate with some improvements that we feel will help overall play.

Most notably, we have changed the sarado to be longer - maxing out the KWC box of 75mm. This allows us to lengthen the stall points so that your tama has a wider surface to make contact with.

In the previous design of Elevate, there was also a noticeable gap between the tama and the ken when in spike position. While this did not affect play, it did not look aesthetically pleasing and we could not accept that. This gap was caused by the longer stalls not being compensated with a longer and thicker sarado.

To fix this, we have made the sarado thicker and slightly boxier, successfully closing the gap. In addition to making the kendama look nicer, it has also increased the weight of the sarado due to a higher volume of wood used - resulting in better lunars.

This is likely the final update to Elevate while we launch the Performer and work on 2022 secret projects so we hope you enjoy the kendama and please feel free to talk to us if you have any questions!


Introducing the new Elevate Shape!

In 2019, we released the CREAL 1.5 shape - a kendama that was competitive to the modern landscape. Since then, we have worked to produce multiple designs with the shape but felt that it was time for something new.

Elevate will release in November 2020, starting with Jon's signature nKo mod as an alternate to the CREAL 1.5 shape. 

Taller, slimmer and with bigger cups, it is designed not as an upgrade of the CREAL 1.5 but rather as another option for players who like a taller and bigger ken.

It is 16.9cm in height (KWC approved) and paired with a 62mm tama, features our new "Crater" balance hole and "Chunk" stalls - bird, nightingale, ring and handle.

The "Crater" balance hole is a wider and deeper hole to compensate for the wider base cup. Our objective was to ensure that the lunar balance was not compromised while we improved our lighthouse balance.

Check out some photos below on the comparison between Elevate and CREAL 1.5!