Top 5 Kendama TikToks and Reels You Need To Check Out this July (2022)

Top 5 Kendama TikToks and Reels You Need To Check Out this July (2022)

Kendama is just an insanely creative sport. Literally anything is possible and as a result of that, there are hundreds and thousands of clips being posted up every day. Trust us, we watch a ton of them.

Every now and then, people ask us to recommend some tricks to try out and we'd spend time digging for something awesome that we saw a couple of days ago. So we thought, why not just put them on an easy to refer to page on our website. Enjoy.


1. Satisfying Juggles

The first clip is from Jeff (@9oh4dama) of Kendrama who laces a peacefully satisfying consistency line of juggles with late double ken flips in between. The fact that it does not have music just makes it so much better.


2. Switch Grips

You're going to want to watch this a few times. From KendamaUSA Tribe member Benny Boy (@benjaminb_kendama) comes an insanely smooth line with grip switches along the way. How he moves so fast, we'll never know. 

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed

The next banger comes from Danny (@aftershock.kdma) who is just having the best reactions after lacing the very technical string pinches. These reactions are infectious and make us want to go out and lace even harder.


4. Thanks for slowing it down

Some kendama tricks happen so fast that we have to watch it over and over again to find out what happened. Thankfully Finn (@finnpounds) of @18pdox18 and @kromkendama very kindly slowed down his banging trick for us to see. You're going to want to see all of them. 


5. Respect the Consistency

To go out and film once in awhile is something. To film every day for a month around a certain trick concept is nothing short of spectacular. That is why we had to feature Brent (@brentduffy01) who took part in the Goon June challenge the entire of last month. Sit back, grab a hot cup of tea and enjoy some personal progression.


That's it - thank you for making it to the bottom of this list and we hope that you check out what else the site has. 

Much love,

Cereal Kendama

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