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4/8/12 Mystery Cereal Ken Bundle

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Advised to get DHL for the quickest shipping, usually 1 week or less to the US.

Big news! We’ve come up with a number of shapes over the last few years, but have never really taken stock of what was lying around the storeroom - until now.

We found a variety of shapes and splices that we’ve made over the years and have listed them as mystery boxes on the website.

If you want an older Cereal Ken or an affordable new ken (there’s hybrid 2s and ascent 2s as low as $12.5/ken), you might want to check this out!
Much love ❤️

This bundle features 4/8/12 kens:
- 4/8/12 Mystery Cereal Kens

- 14 Finger Strings
- Cereal Kendama Stickers

Recommended: FedEx or DHL shipping and expect your kendamas within a week!

Please note that choosing regular mail will select your local postage service(e.g. USPS) as your courier. Given the supply chain situation, this can take 2-3 weeks for your parcel to arrive. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you are aware of this situation.


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