Sometimes We Give Free Damas

Sometimes We Give Free Damas

What’s going on fam - welcome to the first article in what I hope becomes a recurring blog for us.

Today, I will touch on a topic that we get asked a lot, the packaging and shipping process for Cereal Kendama.


As you may already know, Wen Chuen and I hand pack each kendama from our place in Singapore before sending it out. This is a time consuming process but the only way we know what leaves our hands has been checked.

We’re not perfect, we’ve definitely had some misses along the way but have always been available for said customer to get in touch.

That said, let’s get into the process!

To start - there are 2 types of shipping available for our customers. Standard and DHL.

Standard is easy. It applies for most customers who have bought a single kendama and is shipped through our local post office Singapore Post.

The last mile is then handled by your local post (e.g. USPS). While this has traditionally worked for us, the pandemic has cause parcels to be delayed like crazy and pushed us to find an alternative - DHL.

When a purchase is made with Standard Shipping - I check your kendama and then place it along with a sticker sheet into a bubble wrap, dama bag and then finally a padded envelope. We found that because of the way the local post handles packages, it is often safer to have multiple layers.

After that, I cycle to my local post office, drop your parcel off and a tracking is sent to your email within a day.

DHL is slightly different. The quality check process is similar, however instead of dropping them off at the post, it is picked up from us.

In addition to that, DHL weights are in blocks of 500g and automatically calculated on our website. Customers purchasing a single kendama can choose this option as well, but pay the same amount for shipping 1 kendama or 2 kendamas because in both cases the parcel is under 0.5kg (1.1lbs).

Because of that, sometimes when a customer purchases a single Cereal Kendama and chooses DHL, I drop in an extra ken or tama just to make their time worth.


Likewise, for larger parcels of 4 or more kendamas, Wen Chuen and I tend to drop a little gift inside as a thank you for the support.

This is probably why you see mystery boxes being crazy hauls.

Shipping has and will always be a challenge for a small company like us shipping out of Singapore, 10000 miles away from the US.

It is something that we can’t change, and therefore when someone decides to put their trust behind our brand, we try our best to make it worth their time.

Much love,



I love your guys kendama it’s so good the kendama I want one more but my dad will not buy me one because I have a lot of your kendama already and I can’t shop cause I’m under age to order online so can I please have one for free


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Jonathan & Wen! You guys really do have something special going on here, and we in the kendama community couldn’t be more thankful for all you guys do! Don’t stop for anything & keep elevating your brand!

Isaiah Sciacca

I just recently picked up some Cereal Kendamas, I love how they come in the knitted bags and the shape is definitely different from other brands. Always see your posts and appreciate the dama community

Alex Duda

Thanks for your hard work and commitment and great communication. Our shared passion is assured of lifelong friendship …even if it is from another country. Great article look forward to many more

Matthew Taylor

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