Singapore Represented at Kendama World Cup 2021

Singapore Represented at Kendama World Cup 2021


While most youth have stopped playing kendama, Justin never did. This weekend he will be Singapore's only representative at the Kendama World Cup (KWC).

KWC is held annually every year in Hatsukaichi, Japan and takes place this year over Zoom.

Cereal Kendama pro Justin Hernandez competed in the qualifying rounds on 21st August, landing all 10 of his planned tricks and scoring a whopping 81 out of 100 potential points.

Out of 702 participants, only 41 will make the finals. Based on past data, we expect that Justin will qualify for the finals and be the first Singapore representative since 2016.

A Slow Burn

Justin started playing kendama in 2015. A beginner, he was just another face in the crowd compared to other prolific players who represented the country.

Unlike them however, Justin never stopped playing. He continued to grind new tricks and level up his game - finally joining the Cereal Kendama team as a pro in 2020.

Since then, Justin has become known to players around the world for his insane tricks, even launching his own pro model in 2020 through Cereal Kendama.

Don't Blink

If you've never seen Justin play, here is a clip of him landing a level 12 KWC 2021 trick - the highest level in competition.

(We had to slow it down to 240fps so you wouldn't miss it)

Well done on your run Justin, we are incredibly proud of you for representing Singapore at a world stage. Stay tuned for updates on the finals (22nd August).

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