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Shipping Sucks - Here's Our Solution

Jonathan Lee

We ship our damas a LONG way - 16,000KM from Singapore to Florida (picked a random place in the US) according to Google.

Because of that long distance, shipping fees are usually quite expensive. Even with our special DHL partnership, 2 damas will cost about $20 to ship to the US. We wish that we could do something about it, but we can't - the shipping fee does not go to us.


In 2021 however, we were determined to help our overseas customers get damas to them at a more affordable price. After Wen Chuen and I went back and forth - we could only land on one feasible solution: covering some of the shipping for you.


With code SHIPPINGSUX we'll pay $5 SGD of your shipping for you out of our own pockets, no strings attached. We hope this code will help with your future purchases.


Much love,

Cereal Kendama


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  • Super cool idea, and a great way to give back to the community! Huge-ups for this guys!


    Isaiah Sciacca

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