Cereal Kendama June 2021 Massive Update

Cereal Kendama June 2021 Massive Update

What's going on fam - its been a couple of months since our last update so expect a huge one! To start, as many of you know, Cereal Kendama is the night job of Wen Chuen and I. We work our main day jobs and truth be told the last couple of months have been pretty hectic and therefore the reason why we have not provided a ton of updates.

That being said, we're really aiming to put time aside for these updates as we feel that they are really helpful to you guys, our community.

Without further ado, let's get started:

1. We made the KWC trick list!
If you haven't already seen, Gloken has uploaded all 12 levels of Kendama World Cup tricks on their YouTube channel. Out of the 120 tricks, we were fortunate enough to have both Justin and I featured on a level 10 and 8 trick respectively.

It was a massive unexpected surprise as we have been submitting tricks for years but never made the list. Thank you Gloken!

2. The Analog collab that happend
You definitely WON'T see a lot of this on social media, but thanks to Daunye and Baldo of Analog kendama - we have worked on an exclusive collab for a summer school program in the US.

Instead of a design, we have combined the Squab 2020 sword with the Elevate sarado into a hybrid shape. Most of these kendamas went to the school, however we have kept some that will be distributed in 3 ways: to the team, gift when you purchase Cereal Kedamas and finally a few mashups that will go on the website for sale.

More information to come on this - stay tuned :)

3. Poke Series is back!
The Poke Series was one of the fastest sell-outs we've ever had, but we wanted to give it some time before bringing it back. Enough time has passed and its time for an evolution. The Poke Series will drop in about 2-3 weeks with an upgraded Elevate'21 shape and 62mm tama. 4 colours - Red, Blue, Purple and Bright Green.

That's it! If you've made it this far, thank you for reading. We're dropping an additional nugget of information there that the Performer shape (upgrade from CREAL 1.5) will drop in 2-3 months, but we want to get some in the hands of our community first. So if you're seeing this and are interested in trying our new shape at a huge discount - reply this email or DM @jonnyyramone.

Much love and stay safe fam <3
Cereal Kendama

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