Artemis Kendama's Founder Breaks Down Shapes So You Don't Have To

Artemis Kendama's Founder Breaks Down Shapes So You Don't Have To

If you don't already know, Dama Fam Inc.! is one of the hottest kendama groups on Facebook, with vibrant discussions going on each hour.

This week, a huge positive discussion was started after Artemis Kendama founder Matt Zanoni shared his list of shapes categorized into Small, Medium and Bigger. The original post can be found here. However, we are putting the details in this blog post in the event the post gets buried or deleted.

First, however, we'll start with a lit picture of Matt so you can put a face to a name.

artemis kendamas owner

The original post broke shapes off the top of his head into the following categories.

Smaller shapes - KUSA shift , Krom 2Good

Medium shapes - Sol 1-Up, Quill Kestrel, Quill Hawk, Analog C-shape, GT shapes, EVO Genesis, KUSA Nova, Cereal Performer & CREAL 1.5

Bigger shapes - Artemis Archer V2 , NLK Ranger, Lotus V2, Cereal Elevate 21, Analog Squab 2020, Okendama Shape, Quill Gryphon

Players would be familiar with most names on the list and I would say that this is a perfect place for new kendama players to start. What's more brilliant about this post is that it received a whopping 61 comments at the point of writing this article.

It promoted positivity as some players recognized other shapes that were not on the list.

We also saw community members provide more information about the shapes that they were familiar with.

Overall, we are seeing an amazing conversation happening and this is definitely the right direction the community should head. Conversations like these push the sport further, and I personally look forward to using Cereal Kendama as a platform to showcase more moments like this.

Thanks to Matt for the pictures and starting this conversation.

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