Jon's Mystery Preloved Dama

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Hey guys - Jon here. I've been blessed a number of damas in the 9 years I've been playing and would like to give back. I have a couple of damas that are around 6-7/10 condition that I don't feel I should charge for. 

This listing is for anyone who needs a dama to purchase. Just pay for shipping and packaging as I will ship them internationally to you. The design is random, but if you have a brand that you'd like - leave it in the notes. Much love!



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Customer Reviews

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Alice Arthur

Jon is such a great guy, I love love loveeeee the dama he sent. This is what convinced me to order their $100 box and I can’t wait for it to come.

Benjamin Rotherham
Awesome deal for new players!

I bought 3 of jons damas because my roomate is getting into kendama and landed his first lunar. The deal was too good to pass on and while the first two were old shapes (which I was expecting) the 3rd was a b grade gucci tama fresh, and a maple NLK sapper! He loves it and is hitting all kinds of new tricks. You guys are the best out there! Always manage to go above and beyond!

Jozey Orcutt
Best mods

I have been working my way through all the various kendama companies and cereal ranks above all else my clear number 1 go to keep it up 👍

Dave Taylor

Jon's Free Preloved Dama

Marlin Martinez-Schauer
Simply amazing!

As a very new kendama player this was the most amazing offer to stumble across while shopping for something new to play. I purchased two and they are both still not only in great condition but they're both completely different. So thankful!