Mystery Mayhem

Mystery Mayhem is here!

This month we are celebrating the unknown. The thrill of not knowing what you'll get and the joy of finally unboxing it. For the first time ever, we are running a mystery box promotion - upgrading our existing mystery box at no additional cost and introducing 2 new options.

Here's everything you need to know:

All Mystery Boxes
- Come with an unreleased Cereal Kendama

100USD Mystery Boxes
- Unreleased Cereal Kendama
- Comes with a free Terra Pill

200USD Mystery Boxes
- 2 Different Unreleased Cereal Kendama
- 3 Guaranteed Homegrowns
- Comes with a free JUMBO Terra Pill
- Comes with ACTUAL cereal - the edible kind

500USD Mystery Box - ONLY 1
- 4 Different Unreleased Cereal Kendamas
- 8 Guaranteed Homegrowns
- 2 Free Terra Pills
- More ACTUAL cereal

As we will be including unreleased Cereal Kendamas in these boxes, we will only start shipping them in early June. These deals only last on orders placed until 31st May 2020.

Lost of love,