Kendama Shape Library

As a writer for Honed Media, Cereal Kendama co-founder Jonathan Lee (@jonnyyramone) is a kendama shape nerd.

He loves observing how kendama brands design their shapes differently, and how that impacts play. More so than that, he tries to communicate this via shape studies. Mostly seen during his kendama reviews, he is now compiling them into this page and populating them over time.

Simply click on a link to bring you to the shape's specifications, comparisons and even where you can buy it. Or, if you're looking for a specific shape - hit control + F to search for its company's or shape's name.


Shape Library

I'm a nerd compare everything for me (Dec 2019)

KendamaUSA - Kaizen Shift

KendamaUSA - Kaizen Slim

Sweets Kendamas - Prime

Sweets Kendamas - Boost

Krom Kendama - BL

Krom Kendama - 1%

Krom Kendama - Slaydawg 2

Cereal Kendama - CREAL Shape

Sol Kendamas - Sol Shape

Active Kendama - V3 ZND

Active Kendama - V4 ELITE

GG Kendama - KIN Premium

Lotus Kendama - Sacred

Pineapple Kendama - Tropic Shape

Dream Kendama - FitShape Pro

DWI Kendama - V2