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The CREAL Shape is Cereal Kendama's newest and most modern kendama shape to date.

Built from a NEED of its founders Jonathan and Wen Chuen, the CREAL shape features 3 key upgrades:

1. A Wider Sarado

Bigger hands made it harder to do multiple gunslingers. By lengthening the sarado, and widening the circumference that it is cut - the CREAL shape now makes it much easier to do multiple slingers. All this, while maintaining a good weight on the sarado. (As a bonus - the wider sarado makes an insane clack when spiking due to MORE contact with the tama)


2. A Fatter Base Cup

Keeping up with the modern play of taps, juggles and lighthouses - a fatter base cup allows the overall ken to flip smoother AND improves the contact when landing a lighthouse. 


3. A Longer Spike

Tired of your ken falling out when attempting multiple j-sticks? Or to have your tama fall out after you've spiked it? We have the perfect spike length for you - not too long that prevents a smooth release, and not too short that you have difficulty spiking.