CROIX WENGE (7 of 10 made)


Regular price $200.00 SGD
CROIX WENGE (7 of 10 made)
Batch #1 of a super rare kendama, slightly played (9.5/10).
10 of these were made in the first batch, this is #7.
Please note prices listed here are in SGD. 1 SGD = 0.74 USD.
Including the kendama, you will receive a ton of swag as a sign of our love.
  1. The kendama will not be shipped with original box, but instead with protective bubble wrapping - this is to save on shipping weight.
  2. You may find some yellow stains due to age of the wood due to this being an older kendama, this should not affect play.
  3. All sales are final and non-refundable.