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2/3 Pack Mystery Kens Only

Regular price $42.00 USD
Regular price $62.00 USD Sale price $42.00 USD

Each item quantity comes with 2 or 3 Cereal Kens. This could be Hybrid 2, Ascent or one of our prototypes.

This item can also include some b grade and/or prototype Kendamas with visual imperfections that should not affect play.  

Guaranteed at least 1/2 spliced ken per order.

Recommended: Buy 2 or more kendamas with FedEx shipping and expect your kendamas within a week!

Please note that choosing regular mail will select your local postage service(e.g. USPS) as your courier. Given the supply chain situation, this can take 3-4 weeks for your parcel to arrive. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you are aware of this situation.


  1. All sales are final and non-refundable.
  2. Change in delivery address may result in fees that will be charged to the buyer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Krys Draco
Very happy

No clue what the b grade was. I got 2 and both were perfect. I play them daily

Galen Robinson
Seriously slay

The Cereal shapes are so comfy, hooked up on the b grade kendamas with a cereal birthday kendama, plays like butter. Great customer service too, hooked me up with some goodies when I upgraded the shipping too. Great down to earth company great damas

Raul I.
Great fun and value

The mystery B-grade kendama exceeded my expectations. I received a maple ken and satin-painted ash tama in the new performer shape. The shape is really fun to play with and the b-grade issue was a minor cosmetic thing which I don't even notice. Great kendama for the price.

Jared Roche

Got two great b-grades and I could hardly tell it had a blemish! Great service and communication!

Yesol Bang
It’s awesome!

I bought Mystery B grade kendama and i got many rare kendama what i like!!! I was so happy!!!