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Justin Luis Pro Model - Elevate


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Justin Luis Pro Model - Elevate
Justin Luis Pro Model - Elevate
Justin Luis Pro Model - Elevate
Justin Luis Pro Model - Elevate
Justin Luis Pro Model - Elevate

Justin Luis is the ACE of Singapore's kendama scene.

A player for over 5 years and national champion stacker, you may have seen his insane cloud bounces on his Instagram (@justin_luis19) or on Facebook.

He has always pushed the limits of what he can do, learning new tricks and adapting from the traditional to modern style of play. Justin finds the greatest satisfaction in landing a trick that he has grinded an extensive amount of time for.

Each element of the Justin Mod has been designed with careful thought. Starting from the ken - the "19" in the small cup coincides with Justin's birthday, 19th September and is a number he has used in various aspects of his life.

On to the top of the small cup, there is a tally mark of the number 5 - representing the 5-year journey it took for Justin to go pro for Cereal Kendama.

Under the big cup, we've burnt a mini spiderweb as a tribute to his favourite superhero growing up, Spider-man. This is also shown in the JUSTIN logo which uses the "Amazing Spider-Man" font. We chose to spray paint the logo in black to contrast with the maple on the ken.

The tama's base colour is black as it's clean look is something that Justin had always envisioned for a tama design. He contrasts it with the white scope to make it easier to track - elegant yet functional.

Instead of the traditional tracking lines, he opted to design a set of waves to represent his favourite place in the world - Boracay, Philippines.

As we move to the top of the tama, a darker blue tracking dot is present which represents the deep blue of the ocean as we venture further away from the beach. This is also the same blue used in the Philippine flag, Justin's home country. Further paying homage to the Philippines, 3 white stars are painted on the top of the tama.

A portion of sales of this kendama will go toward funding Justin's journey to KWC 2021.

This kendama features:
- *NEW* ELevate Shape [URL ELEVATE PAGE]
- The Final Bevel 
- Maple Ken
- 62mm Maple Tama
- CREAL Stick OR Grip Paint
- *NEW* CRATER Balance Hole
- Upsized Kendama Bag
- 1 x Cereal Kendama Sticker Sheet
- 2 x 12 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Unbelievably great and cheap

    Just cop this don’t hesitate, the elevate shape is wonderful, it doesn’t feel too big due to the sword being a 1.5 width, this helps it feel totally controlled and it helps the weights of Ken and tama are closely matched.

    For the price just add it onto your order and you won’t regret it, cups are huge and it eats lunars for breakfast.

    First Cereal Ken

    Awesome! Didn’t choose the right method of shipping but once i got my ken it was great!

    J. Luis Pro Mod is FIIIIRE FLAMES

    Just got my Justin Luis Pro-Mod in yesterday in rubber and im absolutley in love.. Perfect amount of grip straight out of the box so I know after I jam this bad boy for a few weeks its going to be HONED. Highly reccomend this mod if you're looking for a super fire rubber cereal dama!

    Thanks Jon & Wen ILY Guys <3


    Daily jammer

    Bigger ken is perfect for my big hands. slingers and lunars are amazing on this shape. Big stall points are very helpfull for wings etc.

    My forever go to

    I always just bought elevate kens but this time I got the tama aswell. I’ve had it about a month and it’s still just as sticky and has basically no chips. The tracking is awesome.