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Regular price $140.00 SGD

Mystery Box Mayhem!

Right on fam, welcome to the mystery box life. Let us tell you more about what you'd get in this box, without spoiling too much of the surprise.

In this box you will get:
- 6 kendamas
- Guaranteed Homegrown Kendama
- Guaranteed 3 Cereal Kendamas (some unreleased)
- Extra Terra Pill (does not count in 6 kendamas)

Please note: Boxes will ship in end Sept and you will be the first to receive the unreleased Cereal Kendamas

Please note prices listed here are in SGD. 1 SGD = 0.74 USD.
  1. The kendama will not be shipped with boxes, but instead with protective bubble wrapping - this is to save on shipping weight.
  2. All sales are final and non-refundable.
  3. If you receive a Homegrown that has yellow stains, it is due to the aging of the wood and should not affect play.

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