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Transform (AT) - Lisa


Regular price $38.00 SGD
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Transform (AT) - Lisa
Who is Lisa?
BLACKPINK - for obvious reasons.
Transform (AT) - almost there

In August last year, we started working our our 6 year anniversary series. Recognizing that this will take some time to get done.

The theme for our series was based on hexagons - 6 sides to represent 6 years of being together. Happy with the colors and patterns, we proceeded to commence production of a small batch.

Because it is a small batch (like most of our designs), we don't get to see the painted damas until production of all of them are complete. Upon receiving them, we noticed that the hexagons had not turned out how we planned it to - with feedback from the facility saying that having them "perfect" would be near impossible.

Therefore here we are - Transform (AT). We acknowledge that the design of the tama is not what we wanted it to be and therefore will be retailing it cheaper than what we would normally a Maple-Beech set up.

Everything else is the same - our shape, paint and bevel. It still plays like any Cereal Kendama would.

This kendama features:
- CREAL 1.5 Shape
- The Final Bevel
- Maple Ken
- 61mm Beech Tama
- CREAL Stick or Grip Paint
- Base Cup Balance Hole
- 2 x 12 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead
- Matching Kendama Bag

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    It is great! I love it!

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