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Cereal Kendama WiFi - CREAL 1.5 Shape


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Cereal Kendama WiFi - CREAL 1.5 Shape
Cereal Kendama WiFi - CREAL 1.5 Shape

The classic Cereal WIFi paired with the CREAL 1.5 shape.

The ken is the first in market to use CREAL 1.5, Cereal Kendama’s new shape that features a larger sarado, longer spike and better weight all around. It is updated for modern play, allowing to you pair it with tamas from 60 to 62mm in width.

On the big cup, a simple alien figure is burnt to represent the life we want to communicate with while on the opposite end (little cup), we’ve burnt what is the generic image of a planet where we might find our mysterious friends. Accompanying the burns is a base cup balance hole to improve the lunars of the kendama.

The tama is coated with Cereal Stick - an out-of-box sticky paint that breaks in grippy. It is completed with a 10 finger long string and bearing. 

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