Connected Series

Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama


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Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama
Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama
Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama
Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama
Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama
Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama
Cereal GRAM - Ash Ken, Maple OR Ash Tama

Key Features: 

- Burnt node gardens on the tama 
- 61mm tama (3% larger than standard)
- Improved bevel with adapted illustration of the Instagram logo
- Upgraded balance hole to improve lunars
- 10 finger length string

- Note: Ash kens tend to be lighter

Gram, short form of Instagram, represents the platform that we are able to connect with everyone. While Facebook is a platform where die hard kendama members connect with one another (FKC), Instagram is where we are able to proliferate our reach for kendamas. Whether it is getting into the hands of celebrities, or just your neighbour, some of the BEST kendama moments have been captured on Instagram.

Design wise, we have split the bottom half into 3 stripes featuring the core Instagram colours in descending order of colour value. We left the top half natty to represent the endless opportunities of reach and connection on Instagram. It never matters where you’re from, or where you are.

In the bevel, we have subtly burned an adapted illustration of the Instagram logo. This represents the personal aspect of Instagram, a place to record our personal kendama journeys (since other players will not see your bevel hole).

Finally and most excitingly - we have burnt node gardens on the top of the tama. Node gardens usually represent the connections in a network, but in this case we want it to represent the individual connections between each player. We have worked with a local programmer in Singapore to generate multiple node gardens that are burnt on each tama of the Gram. This means that almost no 2 tamas are similar - a tedious process, but very special to us.

The Connected series features the CREAL Shape, with an upgraded balance hole to improve lunars. It is also the first time we will debut an enlarged 61mm tama (3% larger than standard). The tama comes with an improved bevel for ultimate stalls and j-stick control.

With the 61mm tama, you may now pair our designs with most kens on the market (those that come with 60mm or 62mm tamas as well!).

In addition to the kendama, each purchase will come with a limited run “KENDAMA IS A LANGUAGE” bag. Fitting 1 kendama to a tee - the tagline is taken from what founder Jon said during Episode 16 of the Damanerds podcast while in Japan. The design is illustrated to show a node garden equivalent of kendamas - each dama being one person connected to each other by this simple common toy.

We are always pushing the limits to our design, and welcome feedback from all players - if you’d like to chat, drop us a DM on Instagram, or email at

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