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OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape


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OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape
OG Pie Mod - Hybrid Shape

Ben(Cereal Pro) Introduces the Pie Mod:

I chose orange for the tama because of my love for the colour and to represent the mad sunburn I get from jamming outside.

The Pi symbol as a stripe on the other hand, is a play on my last name and an homage to my love for math.

In the bottom half, I chose a natty ash half split for that grainy pop and a rosewood stripe to act as a scope and colour contrast with the ash.

Why the Hybrid shape?

I preferred not to have a base cup hole to allow for a wider range of tricks such as fingerhouses and clutches. Having taps sound crisper is an additional benefit as well.

Pairing the CREAL 1.5 sword with the Elevate'21 sarado then compensated for the additional weight on the base cup and gave the ken insane lunar balance. Plus, who can say no to thicker stall points?

This kendama features:
- CREAL Hybrid Shape
- The Final Bevel
- Maple Ken
- 62mm Ash Tama with Rosewood Stripe 
- CREAL Stick or Grip Paint
- 2 x 12 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead
- Matching Kendama Bag

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Evo Kendamas

    Haven’t received it yet! But I’m sure it’ll play fantastic

    christopher shatley

    Everything about this pi mod is absolutely perfect. When I first picked it up I noticed immediately the feel of this mod is WAY different than any other mod I have ever played with. This different feel I was experiencing was not a bad different, but A good different. Now that I have adjusted to this, I am confident to call myself a ' Kendama Wizard'.

    Ben Archer
    So proud of my boy

    I've known Ben since I started playing 8 years ago. He had the honer of driving me to my wedding in 2018. Sooo happy for him and crazy to think he has his own mod!!

    Me and Ben both have very similar tastes in a Dama. Maple kens and ash Tamas will always be my go to.
    The shape is absolutely insane. Honed for Luna's right out the bag. The elevate cups really help bring this baby to it full potential.

    I would always buy the hybrid if there was the option. (But also like the fact it's a one off/ special occasions)

    Keep it up, you guys are God's.

    Much love,


    Daniel Griffith
    Next level kendama

    The hybrid shape is something truly to behold, it plays incredibly well at anything you throw at it, the cups literally slap when you pop it into lunars, officially the easiest Dama to do lunars on and that’s with no basecup hole, so still slings and flips on a dime, plus the tama in sticky is drop dead gorgeous

    Warren Blossom
    The Pie Mod: A Game Changer for an Average Player

    I am not a fan of making FrankenDamas; the very idea of mixing and matching components makes my head hurt. I play all of my setups as they come. Lucky for me, someone came along and made a turnkey FrankenDama for me.

    The marriage of the smaller 1.5 sword with the larger Elevate cups is a fantastic combination. The handle sits in my palm just right and feels super nimble for cupping and “around” tricks.

    The absence of a balance hole in the base cup really helps this thing sound and feel super authoritative when slapping a hard lighthouse after a flip or an Xturn-up.

    Most of the self-described “lunar machines” on the market do include weight reduction in the handle. Don’t let the absence of one here fool you, this thing is an absolute lunar monster/machine/magnet/prodigal holy f*ck kendama (insert many more adjectives and you may come close to describing this absolute animal of a dama). In short, the larger sarado makes lunars and stilts come very easy—even to an average player like myself.

    I almost forgot to mention the aesthetic component. This thing is a looker. The subtle splice, the grain of the ash, the ring of pi symbols, and the paint colors really make the tama pop. The ken engravings avoid being garish by using common sense placement, smaller sizes, and lighter burn color. Simply put, if you see the “add to cart” option next to this kendama, do not hesitate. If find that you regret your decision, I will buy it off of you.

    This thing easily scores a 3.14159 out of 10.

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