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CREAL Kendama Bevel

Jonathan Lee

When you have a deeper kendama bevel, you get a cleaner spike.

We live in an age where a wider bevel means easier stalls, but that isn't always the best. After drilling multiple versions of bevels, here's what we found out:


1. Wider bevels can cause your ken to fall out during a j-stick

Yes a bird is pretty much on hack-mode when you have a super wide bevel, however if not carefully drilled, it create a huge gap that will cause your ken to fall out. This is especially important if you are using a new shape ken that has a thinner sword (Krom Pop etc.)


2. The inner bevel is just as important as the outer bevel

Often, our bevel related spiking problems are a result of too huge a difference between the width of the inner bevel and outer bevel. They can cause your tip to wet, or tama to land awkwardly when you spike. Make sure your bevels have a nice inner/outer ratio.


3. For best play, use a deep, well angled bevel

When you have a deeper bevel, extended play does not make it flat and impossible to land stalls. The depth is created by a good angled slope between the inner and outer bevel. You get spikes that stay where they are supposed to be. Have a look at the picture below for the difference:


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